Luxury Holidays to India

Known as God's own country, India's southern most state, stretching all the way to its very own “land's end” enjoys the best quality of life in the country. You cannot help but feel calm here, as the laid back way of life captures you along with the stunning views out over the Indian Ocean, along miles of sandy beach. Inland you will find tiger sanctuaries, palaces and the famous Kerala backwaters, all overlooked by the hill stations that dominate a large part of the interior. For any traveller, Kerala is a wonderful place to visit in India.

India MapWith luxury India holidays and if you are visiting Kerala in particular, you can come to expect a mixture of fine food, religion, culture and tradition playing a strong part in Kerala society and you will find many examples of these throughout the state in the form of temples, festivals, the famous dragon boat races and some scintillating cuisine. You can explore by 2 of the most iconic means of transport in the sub-continent, the famous houseboats of the backwaters taking you effortlessly in style to Allepy, the Venice of India, and through the lake to the resort of Kumarakom. Alternatively, why not ride in the Ambassador car, still the most widely used car in the country and a piece of history leftover from a bygone era.

Kerala’s greatest relevance for us and our clients is the fact that this is the birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine, the climate lending itself perfectly to the growth of all the plants used in this ancient healthcare system. The relative humidity of the “off” season is perfect for Ayurvedic treatments.

Whether you want to completely indulge yourself in a life changing Ayurvedic programme or visit for a combination of relaxation and sightseeing, our luxury holidays to India have it all and there are “Spa” styles in Kerala to suit everyone. If India was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire, then Kerala is certainly the jewel of India, so come with us on a journey through this vibrant state and choose a great holiday that you will never forget.

For one our tailor made holidays to India, we recommend that you contact us to find out about treatments in your chosen resort, in order to benefit fully from your holiday. We are able to offer special rates for treatments booked in advance of your holiday, and our experience allows us to recommend particular treatments and /or hotels which will specifically suit you, depending upon your reason for travelling.

If you require any further information about any of our luxury India holidays, please do not hesitate to contact us. Why not combine 2 or more destinations / countries for a really memorable experience.

Luxury Holiday Resorts in India