Family Holidays to Morocco

Morocco is a spectacular country on the North Western tip of Africa. It is a popular tourist destination, benefitting from wonderful scenery, beautiful coastlines, a warm climate and fantastic cuisine. With a range of experiences, activities and types of accommodation, family holidays to Morocco are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers.

Morocco's landscape is exceptionally varied. The heart of the country is filled with the rugged beauty of mountain landscapes. Elsewhere, sands shift scenically across the surface of broad, open stretches of desert. The edges of the country feature coastlines bordering on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, providing plenty of beaches for relaxation and leisure.

Moroccan cuisine offers something for every taste and any age, as it is considered one of the world's most diverse and varied food styles. Moroccan cooking takes unique local styles as its base, but incorporates influences from Sephardic cuisine and a range of European cooking styles, thanks to the broad variety of peoples who have come to the country over its long history.

Many family holidays in Morocco are located in resorts on the country's scenic coastlines. For example, Hotel Sofitel is located on the Atlantic coast in the ancient seaside resort of Essaouira (sometimes known by its Portuguese name of Mogador). The Sofitel offers a huge range of amenities combined with easy access to the beautiful beach, which is perfect for adults to relax or for children to play, paddle, and build sand castles. The Sofitel's on-site facilities also cater to family members of all ages. There is a children's area, swimming pool, and satellite TV in all rooms.

One unforgettable cultural experience to take in on family holidays to Morocco is a trip to the Souks. These open-air markets are common in North African and Arabic countries, and are bustling places where almost everything is bought and sold. Haggling is expected, and every transaction is conducted amicably no matter how intense the negotiations get. The Hotel Sofitel offers a range of guided tours of the local area, which can include trips to Souks as well as other activities that will help you immerse yourself in the local culture.

Mazagan is another luxury resort popular for Morocco family holidays and is located on the Atlantic coast. It provides the same easy access to the seaside, along with a range of on-site facilities. There are activities for all ages, meaning that no family member will be left short of things to do. As well as swimming pools, including a specially-purposed children's pool, Mazagan offers horse riding, a range of sports including Tennis and go-karting, and a kids club with babysitting facilities. There is also a spa offering a range of treatments for relaxation, and a combination of TVs and free internet access meaning that there is plenty to do even when guests stay in their room.