Luxury Ski Holidays

Luxury Ski Holidays

Luxury ski holidays are deservedly popular with thrill-seekers and skiing enthusiasts. After all, there are few things more exciting than gliding smoothly over fresh, crisp powder against a backdrop of spectacular mountain scenery.

We can provide custom packages for some of the most spectacular luxury ski resorts around the world. Even seasoned skiers are likely to find something new on offer, as we can provide luxury ski holidays to some of the most unique locations around the globe.

For example, if you want fantastic skiing with a difference you may want to visit Niseko in Japan. Japan may not be a go-to ski destination in the same way as the Alps, for example, but it still offers some fantastic skiing. Niseko, in particular, has been a lesser-known gem of the skiing world since the 1960s, treasured by those lucky enough to discover it.

Niseko is located on the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and – unlike most Japanese ski resorts – attracts greater numbers of visitors with every year that passes. It has been described as the St. Moritz of Japan, and offers fantastic skiing on a par with the top destinations of the world. However, the thing that makes a ski holiday on the slopes of Niseko different is the scenery. Visitors tend to be struck by the fact that where most mountains are rough and imposing, Niseko's scenery is gentle, quiet and mystical.

Niseko is home to two stand-out luxury ski resorts, and we can provide you with a visit to either. The Green Leaf is a modern luxury ski resort with a full range of fantastic amenities such as a spa and a choice of dining options. The Hilton Niseko is a luxury resort that operates to similar high standards and provides the same variety of high-quality facilities, but adopts a more traditional ethos.

Alternatively, we can arrange for you to enjoy a truly different and deeply exciting experience by heli-skiing at Canada's Tyax Wilderness Resort. Heli-skiing is ideal for the true thrill seeker or for enthusiasts who feel like they have experienced everything the skiing scene has to offer. Heli-skiing is a way to indulge in off-trail skiing that is far from the beaten track. Rather than using ski-lifts to access a standard selection of runs, heli-skiing involves being lifted up the mountain by helicopter to find ski runs that would otherwise be inaccessible. It is a great way to find untouched powder and experience runs that are relatively undiscovered.

Tyax Wilderness Resort provides luxury accommodation in the style of traditional ski resorts, and gives guests access to some of North America's finest heli-skiing experiences. It has 375 mapped runs over a million acres, and gets between fourteen and eighteen metres of snowfall every year. Following a 2010 renovation, it offers a selection of modern five star facilities, and if you need a break from the intensive ski experience it also provides a range of other activities such as hiking, biking and ice fishing.

If you require any further information about any of our luxury ski holidays, please do not hesitate to contact us. Why not combine 2 or more destinations / countries for a really memorable experience?