Luxury Holidays to Japan

Japan has an enormous amount to offer any visitor but the most interesting part about Japan, in our opinion, is the culture and the people. If you could read Japanese and learn the language quickly, we put money down that you'd move here for a lifestyle change. Not only does Japanese culture still demonstrate amazing levels of respect and courtesy which has somewhat disappeared in the West, but the general state of the country is to be admired for the low crime rate, the way everything runs like clockwork, the cleanliness of the streets and unique spectacles like Sumo wrestling and train cabin crew who bow to each carriage before departing to the next....

Japan - MapOnce you've absorbed the fact that it is possible to live in a modern country where you can feel safe but every convenience is provided, you can start to discover its other treasures through our luxury Japan holidays. The ancient history is fascinating with its Feudal Systems and Samurai, the architecture of those bygone days and the awe inspiring Mount Fuji. The local cuisine is simply scintillating as well as having major health benefits (if you don't like raw fish, try the melt in the mouth Kobe Beef). We really cannot emphasise enough the standard of the food in Japan - there are more Michelin stars handed out to Tokyo restaurants (191) than Paris and London combined. Incredible but true.

Luxury holidays to Japan wouldn't be complete without visiting the nations capital, Tokyo. Modern Tokyo is a bastion of gadgetry whilst maintaining some historical wonders, while the ancient city of Kyoto has a wealth of temples, castles and even a real Ninja house, with all the false walls and trap doors to boot. Hiroshima has risen from the ashes of the bomb that obliterated it over 60 years ago and now stands as a symbol of peace and the people of that city have an amazing grace about them. Nearby Miyajima Island possesses the iconic Tori Gate off its shoreline and the shrine it protects is well worth a look for the stories behind it alone, as well as the quaint island itself.

Our tailor made holidays to Japan aren't just about city breaks - the countryside beckons and small quaint castle towns like Takayama are also fascinating places to visit, hosting colourful and bewildering festivals and hiding deep history within their walls.

Then the extremes - Hokkaido to the north, possibly the best skiing area in the world for its fine powder snow. Then to the south, the tropical pearl of islands, collectively known as Okinawa, boast beautiful beaches and clear blue waters as they drip down towards Taiwan.

All this before you’ve experienced the famous Onsen - hot springs, which lie dotted all over Japan, heated by the volcanic activity that takes place all along these islands. These are some of the finest, if not THE finest natural hot springs in the world and we have sourced some of the very best for you to experience, as well as some more classical style "hotel" accommodation, making our luxury holidays to Japan truly memorable.

A trip to Japan is a must in anyone's lifetime and the sooner you go, the sooner you'll feel better about life, better in yourself and will long to go back!

If you require any further information about any of our luxury Japan holidays, please do not hesitate to contact us. Why not combine 2 or more destinations / countries for a really memorable experience.

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