Luxury Safari Holidays

Many luxury holiday destinations are famed for their beautiful natural landscapes, and often these landscapes are packed with fascinating and spectacular wildlife. If you hope to experience the natural world at your chosen destination, then luxury safari holidays could be the ideal holiday for you.

A safari will give you the perfect opportunity to see the local environment and spectacular wildlife, with the help of a knowledgeable expert guide. Safaris have been popular with holidaymakers for generations, though they have thankfully moved on from the days when they were often used as hunting trips. They allow visitors to marvel at the wonders of nature, and experience the pure beauty of the locations they visit.

India has always been among the most popular destinations for luxury safari holidays, and if you wish to follow the same trend we can arrange for you to visit the 350 year old Ramathra Fort. Often, visitors to India hoped to see magnificent tigers while on safari. Sadly the tigers are now much rarer, and seeing them can never be guaranteed even with the most expert guides. Nonetheless, deer, wolves, hyenas and, with luck, perhaps a wild boar or a leopard can be seen on safari. Surrounded by forests and hills, with a landscape lovingly restored by the fort's owners from past deforestation, Ramathra Fort is perfectly placed for seeing Indian wildlife. Of course, the Fort also offers guests a range of comforts such as luxury bed linen, atmospheric fireplaces, and delicious home cooking made from local produce and meat.

Alternatively, why not spend some time at the Fortress Resort and Spa? This is a true luxury destination in Sri Lanka, with amazing views, a gourmet restaurant, and rooms on offer with private pools. It also benefits from a fantastic location, overlooking a beautiful beach and with Koggala – home of stilt fishermen – and Galle city both nearby. It is also close to Yala National Park, which is a perfect destination for luxury safari holidays. Leopards and elephants are both well-known residents of the park, along with majestic water birds and basking crocodiles.

Another excellent place for experiencing local wildlife is Thailand. We can arrange a safari holiday to Thailand which includes accommodation in the luxurious rooms of Elephant Hills. Elephant Hills is located within the tropical rainforests of Khao Sok National Park. The resort also has a secondary site; a camp situated deep within the jungle for those wanting to really experience nature. A safari in Khao Sok National Park will give the opportunity to see boar, bears, a range of beautiful birds and, of course, elephants. If you are lucky, you might even see a rare tiger.

If you require any further information about any of our luxury safari holidays, please do not hesitate to contact us. Why not combine 2 or more destinations / countries for a really memorable experience?

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