Honeymoons in Malaysia

Malaysia's tourist industry has really boomed in recent years, with visitors from around the world coming to experience the beautiful, varied scenery, huge variety of wildlife, and unique culture. Increasing numbers of tourists are choosing to spend their honeymoons in Malaysia as this wonderful location is starting to be recognised as a truly luxurious destination. Quiet locations rich in natural beauty make the perfect setting for a romantic, relaxing getaway for newly-married couples.

Malaysia is famous for its diverse wildlife and plant life, with rich rainforests offering some of the most beautiful settings in Asia. The country also boasts spectacular coastlines, perfect for relaxing under the warm tropical sun and swimming in the clean, blue waters. Any spot on the soft sand of these incredible beaches is ideal for a honeymooning couple to relax in one another's company while admiring the spectacular natural images that stretch in all directions.

Many of the best resorts in the country take full advantage of these wonderful beaches. For example, Tanjong Jara sits upon a particularly wonderful stretch of the country's Eastern coast that is still relatively undiscovered by tourists and developers. The result is that the natural beauty all around remains unspoilt, while the beaches are quiet and secluded in a way that is idea for lovers taking couples holidays in Malaysia.

Berjaya Langkawi, meanwhile, occupies a scenic half-moon bay overlooked by rolling hills. Once again, this offers a combination of privacy, beautiful backdrops, and wonderful beaches that is ideal for any luxury holidaymaker and especially for honeymooning couples.

Of course, there is much more to the Malaysian landscape than beaches. Pangkor Laut, for instance, includes not only beach accommodation but hill and garden villas as well. These give visitors a choice of wonderful settings taking advantage of different aspects of the country's landscape.

Malaysia is also home to a wonderful and unique cooking style. Like the country's population, the cuisine is hugely varied and draws influences from a range of ethnic groups. There are also significant influences from surrounding countries such as China and India. The result is a cooking style that retains recognisable influences from a range of others, yet is different from any of them and completely its own.

While the cuisine is delicious and offers something for all palates, most honeymoons in Malaysia will offer a range of cooking styles from around the world meaning that there will truly be no shortage of variety. For example, Pangkor Laut is a resort offering seven different restaurants. Between them, they serve a range of cuisine styles from around Asia and across the world.

Many couples holidays in Malaysia and their resorts will also offer spas, and these often benefit from traditional Malaysian treatments. Local treatments such as a Malaysian foot massage are not only excellent ways to relax and pamper yourself, but allow you the chance to get immersed in the local culture along with its history and traditions.

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