Luxury Holidays to Malta

Set almost in the very centre of the Mediterranean and drenched in golden sun, Malta is the perfect holiday destination for those seeking an island paradise without the isolation. Though this archipelago of seven islands is only small, it has plenty to see and do so there are many reasons to go on luxury holidays to Malta.

Though seven islands make up Malta, people only live on the three biggest. Comino is only barely inhabited and is home to only a single hotel. Malta, the largest of all the islands, is home to the widest range of shops and businesses. The third of the inhabited islands, Gozo, is home to a more rural landscape and ideal for those seeking a slightly quieter getaway than they would get on the main island of Malta.

Like many places in the Mediterranean, Malta is a popular destination for luxury beach holidays. However, Malta manages to stand out even against such stiff competition as Spain and Greece. The island is home to a truly unique coastline with a lot of variety on offer. The sandier stretches can rival just about any other beach on Earth, but these are mixed with rocky coves and cliffs. These are unique and impressive, and they make a beach holiday in Malta different from any other.

With thousands of tourists flocking to experience the unique character of Malta's coastline, the island is becoming an up-and-coming nightlife destination. High-class clubs and bars can be found in abundance, along with fine dining from a huge variety of restaurants.  Many luxury resorts such as the Westin Dragonara Resort have a number of fantastic restaurants on site, and if that isn't enough variety for your palate you will find a range of eateries both large and small scattered across Malta's islands.

History-lovers embarking on luxury Malta holidays will find a country steeped in history. Malta has a well-earned reputation as an "open air museum," and is home to nine separate UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The little winding streets and fascinating architecture that surround you will all speak of the island's past.

Countless old buildings and historic sites can be found throughout the seven islands, including eleven prehistoric temples which are some of the oldest known manmade structures in the world. Younger pieces of architecture include the fascinating churches that are found throughout the settled parts of the island, especially the must-see splendour of St John's Cathedral.

Malta is also home to a thriving cultural scene. Through the year, the islands play host to a number of festivals and carnivals. If your visit coincides with one of these vibrant cultural celebrations, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

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