St. Lucia

Luxury Holidays to St. Lucia

St Lucia is an idyllic small island in the Eastern part of the Caribbean sea, close to the border of the Atlantic. Though the whole Caribbean has a strong reputation as a go-to destination for luxurious getaways, the little island of St Lucia still manages to distinguish itself as one of the most wonderful spots to visit.

Le Petit Piton, St. Lucia from Ladera Resort TerraceOne of the attractions that luxury holidays to St Lucia hold is the variety of scenic landscapes on offer. Though only a small island, St Lucia contains beautiful mountains and lush rainforests. Like most Caribbean islands, St Lucia is outlined by soft sand, providing plenty of beaches that are perfect for relaxation beside the warm sapphire waters. Offshore, there is a spectacular coral reef that provides an amazing opportunity for divers.

The island also stands out from its Caribbean counterparts for its exceptionally varied culture. Native Caribbean culture is mingle with influences from Africa, Britain, India, France and Spain to create a vibrant, fascinating and unique synthesis of different ideas and customs. That same huge range of influences is reflected in St Lucian cuisine, which is renowned for its flavours and offers something for any palate. Those who choose to enjoy St Lucia luxury holidays often relish the chance to immerse themselves in this rich cultural scene and sample the huge variety of culinary delights.

The sea is central both to St Lucian life and to the island's tourism. From the point of view of those enjoying luxury holidays to St Lucia, it forms the perfect setting for relaxing in the sun's golden glow. For those who don't want to spend all of their time on the beach sitting still, there are a huge range of activities on offer such as watersports, snorkelling and diving. Naturally, many of the resorts that offer St Lucia luxury holidays take full advantage of the beach. For example, The Landings has more than 90 separate rooms and suites, highly contemporary yet with a distinct St Lucian character. All offer easy access to the beach, particularly the Beach Front Villa suites which are on the very doorstep of the ocean.

Ladera, the island's primary eco-friendly luxury resort, also offers easy access to the beach. However, it also benefits from being nestled amongst the incredible Piton mountains. This provides guests with a mix of spectacular ocean views and rugged mountain vistas, and allows them to enjoy hiking or climbing as easily as watersports, swimming and beach relaxation.

We can organise luxury holidays to St Lucia involving a stay at either of these fantastic resorts. As well as the many attractions of the island, The Landings and Ladera both offer a huge range of wonderful onsite amenities such as bars, sports facilities and fine dining. Such high-quality resorts in such a wonderful setting make for some of the finest luxury holidays in the Caribbean.

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