Luxury Holidays to Taiwan

When people think of Taiwan, they often relate to the Capital, Taipei. However, once out of the capital, Taiwan throws up a collection of surprises and treats, not least its varied topography and its extensive flora and fauna. Added to this is a very interesting indigenous tribal ancestry that still exists today and is being fiercely preserved by some of the tribes, whilst they are also engaging in ecotourism programmes.

The new high speed rail linking north and south can make getting around on our luxury Taiwan holidays very easy but we feel by not driving or taking the slower train, you miss out on a lot. Still, there is nothing to stop you taking the high speed link one way and coming back slowly, though if you have time, a full circumnavigation of the island by private car is highly recommended. Down the spine of Taiwan runs the mountain range which spills down to the white sandy beaches on the west and the dramatic cliffs and rugged beaches on the east. This range is where Taiwan demonstrates its dramatic scenery, and points of interest in and around the mountains that are a real highlight are Sun and Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge, to mention just 2 magnificent natural sights. There’s also Yushan Mountain, North East Asia’s highest at just over 10,000 feet and some magical islands dotted around the coast.

Another must on our luxury holidays to Taiwan is to experience the cuisine. The food of Taiwan is highly revered because of its eclectic mix of mainland Chinese influence, indigenous staples and Japanese input during their occupation. As such, it's hard to define Taiwanese cuisine, but suffice to say it's very varied and delicious. You can find Hakka cuisine here, enjoying a bit of a renaissance, as well as Cantonese, Fujianese, Sichuanese, Shanghainese and of course Beijing.

Religion is shared between Taoism, Folk Religion, Confucianism and Buddhism which like most religions, borrow various beliefs from each other while maintaining their own identity. The various shrines and temples all over the country are attributed to one or more of these religious practices and demonstrate the harmony that exists between these different facets of similar beliefs.

Aside to this, the country possesses an amazing skill with arts and crafts which are demonstrated very well (though not exclusively) in the National Palace museum in Taipei. There is a lively modern art scene as well as indigenous arts and crafts. This leads on to traditional Chinese music and Taiwanese opera, a version of the famous Beijing opera.

The jewel in the crown of our tailor made holidays to Taiwan is Sun & Moon Lake and the property that nestles on its shores. The Lalu is quite simply one of the most stunning hotels you will ever visit and the Spa arguably one of the best in the world. We recommend that on our luxury Taiwan holidays, you end up here and unwind for at least 3 nights in this sublime oasis of luxury.

If you require any further information about any of our luxury holidays to Taiwan, please do not hesitate to contact us. Why not combine 2 or more destinations / countries for a really memorable experience.

Luxury Holiday Resorts in Taiwan