• A Quick Guide to Private Island Holidays

A Quick Guide to Private Island Holidays


Private island getaways are increasingly popular among those with an interest in luxury holidays. The idea of an "island paradise" is a powerful and attractive one, and more and more people are choosing to experience it for themselves in locations such as the Maldives and the Caribbean.

Why Choose a Private Island Holiday?

Private island holidays tend to take place in locations with hot weather and warm seas. As such, they offer an attractive opportunity to relax on sunsoaked beaches and swim in welcoming waters. However, the key reason people choose private island getaways over other beach holidays is for peace, quiet and privacy.

Private island holidays are noted for their seclusion. Depending on the resort, you will share the island with only a few other guests, or with only the people you choose to bring and a few discreet staff to serve you and maintain the resort. This carries a range of advantages. Some holidaymakers, such as honeymooners, value the privacy this affords. Others simply like the peace and quiet and the fact that the best beaches will never get crowded.

What to Expect From a Private Island Holiday

As mentioned above, there are two key defining features of a private island holiday. One of these is the seclusion. Very few people will be on the island at a time, and the rest of the world will be cut off by a sapphire ocean. The other is the location, with private island resorts almost always offering warm weather and sandy beaches. Usually, the inland part of the island will also be dominated by beautiful scenery, such as vibrant greenery teeming with colourful wildlife.

As you might expect, private island holidays are targeted at wealthier demographics looking for a luxury experience. As such, they tend to offer the highest standards when it comes to amenities and service. Quality of service is usually paramount, there will be a range of activities on offer, and there will almost always be very fine dining. Often, resorts will also offer a relaxing spa, and activities designed to take advantage of the calm seas such as diving and water sports.

What Makes a Private Island Holiday Unique?

There are plenty of luxury resorts around the world, many offering the same level of service as you would find on a private island. There are also plenty of luxury beach resorts, and many own private beaches allowing guests to access an uncrowded stretch of spectacular seafront. So what makes a private island holiday truly unique?

Once again, privacy is a big factor. Other luxury beach resorts may offer private beaches, but these will be smaller and often available to larger numbers of guests. They also tend to occupy popular locations, so that everything outside the private beach remains busy and bustling. On a private island, however, you will be surrounded by beautiful scenery on every side and there will be no crowds in sight. Wherever you go, you will always be cocooned in an atmosphere of calm and quiet, and this is almost impossible to obtain in any other type of beach resort.