• Essential Group Travel Planning Tips

Essential Group Travel Planning Tips


Group travel can make for some of the best and most memorable holidays you will ever have. The experiences you have on your trip can be all the better when you have other people to share them with.

Unfortunately, in the planning stages, group holidays often don't look quite so wonderful. Having to plan a single holiday for a number of people with different tastes, needs and budgets can become problematic.

Even if you do encounter planning problems while preparing for your group holiday, it is well worth persevering for the final experience. Taking a few specific tips into account can help to make the planning process go much more smoothly.


Communication is probably the single most important element of effective group travel planning. Make sure that everyone involved in the holiday has a say throughout the planning process and an opportunity to contribute to discussions about each specific decision. This makes sure that you form plans that are acceptable to everyone.

Poor communication can lead to people being disappointed by decisions they don't feel they had a say in, and to people feeling left out. This can put a damper on their enjoyment when the trip could have been a fantastic time for everyone.


While good communication can help to ensure everyone is essentially happy with the decisions that are made, it is not always possible to please everyone. This can often lead the group to be torn between two clear-cut options. When possible, it is important not to outright discard any person's point of view, although if everybody is willing to decide through a vote this can simplify matters.

Instead, wherever possible, it is best to look for a middle ground or compromise. Even if this ultimately does not turn out to be possible, at least everyone will have had a chance to contribute to the discussion, state their case, and know that their viewpoints are being considered.


At all stages of planning, thorough research is important. It is vital to know what your options are for the holiday in terms of destinations, accommodation and activities. As different members of the group are likely to have differing budgets, it is also useful to have full information about costs available before starting to discuss these options.

Making simple lists of things like hotels, activities, and sights to see is simple enough, but it is often useful to make your research a bit more in-depth. For example, if there are treks, climbs or other physical activities, try to see if you can find information on how strenuous they are and whether they have a particular difficulty rating. This can help you to be entirely sure the activity is one that everyone in the group is happy to tackle.

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