• Honeymoons with a twist: How to break with tradition!

Honeymoons with a twist: How to break with tradition!


For most people, a honeymoon represents a chance to forget everything and enjoy some alone time with the person they love and have just committed their life too... and often it involves a relaxing break on a stunning beach resort, enjoying tropical weather and barely lifting a finger as you are waited upon for the duration of your stay.

Whilst it might sound like heaven to some, what if that’s just not your cup of tea? 

Well luckily, there is a growing trend in the more unconventional type of honeymoon. Here are some romantic escapes with a modern twist...


It's a fact of life that today's society moves at a fast pace. People live life at a hundred miles an hour, and we often have little time for ourselves. So it goes without saying that it can be hard to get enough time off work to enjoy a full blown honeymoon. You might even run your own business that you don’t want to leave unattended for too long. 

To combat this lack of available down time, many couples are turning to "minimoons", which, as the name might suggest are miniature honeymoon breaks. They can be just as luxurious and relaxing, only they don’t last as long. Some people might prefer a shorter break, and savings made on the curtailed holiday can mean that a mini version is made all the more luxurious as the budget stretches further!


When you marry, you make a lifelong commitment to one another. So it’s highly likely that your honeymoon resembles a once in a lifetime trip. But where to spend it? There are so many different places in the world to choose from, that it can seem like an impossible choice. Add to that the many different kinds of holiday to consider; a relaxing break, an adventure trip, a watersports escape - how do you narrow it down to just one destination or holiday type? 

Well, you don’t have to! More and more people are putting all of their dream holidays together to form one unforgettable honeymoon. A multiple honeymoon, if you will. A "multimoon".


For some people, whilst they might love each other dearly, an entire holiday in one another’s company just might not do it. Of course, you probably love being with your significant other, but perhaps you have more fun when there’s a crowd of you. Maybe when you get together with other couples you have more of a laugh.

Enter... the "buddymoon". Bring your friends and your lover. The best of both worlds. You can enjoy the time with your new spouse whilst also continuing the wedding celebrations with the people who mean the most to you.

If a traditional honeymoon isn’t for you, why not try a minimoon, multimoon or a buddymoon?

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