• Reasons to Take a Beach Holiday in the Caribbean

Reasons to Take a Beach Holiday in the Caribbean


Beach holidays are incredibly popular with everyone, whether it's honeymooners looking for a romantic break or parents looking for a holiday for all the family. Relaxing by the sea is one of the best ways to unwind and recuperate during a getaway and without a doubt, the Caribbean is one of the single most well-loved destinations for a beach holiday.

Holidaymakers of every kind are flocking to the Caribbean, and there are a number of key reasons for this. For a start, the region's 700+ islands, cays and reefs boast some of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the face of the Earth, bordering onto warm, clear waters and soaked in glorious sunshine. The Caribbean has something to offer every type of holiday maker, with many family-friendly resorts which can provide entertainment for the kids and relaxation for the parents, as well as more secluded resorts for a romantic getaway. When choosing a beach holiday destination, one of the key considerations will obviously be the quality of beaches on offer. On this count, the Caribbean will always be near the top of the list.

Fascinating local culture...

The beaches of the Caribbean are so famous that it's hard to picture anything else when thinking of the islands. But far from being a collection of desert islands, the Caribbean is home to a rich and fascinating local culture.

All of the islands were, at one time or another, European colonies, and later immigration brought in people from around the world. The result is that the region is extremely multi-ethnic and culturally diverse. The exact culture varies significantly between different islands and areas, but a trip to any part of the region will make for a fascinating experience.

Peace, quiet and privacy...

However, the image of relaxing on quiet desert islands isn't entirely inaccurate. Some of the very best luxury holidays in the Caribbean are those offered by private island resorts. These are open to only a small number of guests at a time, giving you peace, quiet and privacy while you enjoy the beaches and take part in the range of other activities on offer.

Rather than looking for a spot on crowded beaches, your holiday will be shared with just a few other people and a team of dedicated and friendly staff who will cater to your needs. The rest of the world will be kept at bay by the natural barrier of the ocean. This provides the best possible environment for relaxation, as well as an element of seclusion that is often prized by honeymooners and couples.

Indeed, private island holidays are without doubt the most wonderful type of getaway the Caribbean has to offer. They offer guests quiet and seclusion, yet at the same time provide a wealth of premium activities to enjoy. For example, Little Whale Cay houses no more than twelve guests and as many staff, but those guests get access to high-level spa treatments, a complete fitness centre, and equipment hire for boating and watersports. Musha Cay, meanwhile, holds up to 24 people and provides them with a wealth of activities including bespoke options to ensure that guests have access to everything they need.