• Tips for Making a Holiday More Romantic

Tips for Making a Holiday More Romantic


A holiday is the perfect way for couples to spend quality time together away from all their other cares and re-discover any of that lost magic. Romantic holidays are among the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences a couple can have. That doesn't mean there isn't room to make it even better. Here are a few helpful tips that may make the holidays just a little more special.

Just the two of us

Rule number one, ditch the technology. There is nothing more off-putting when sharing that special moment with someone and a phone goes off or an urgent e-mail pops into your work inbox. A no phone rule over dinner or no work chat will go a long way to ensure that your time is totally dedicated to each other and trust us you will feel a lot better for it.

Try something new

Be adventurous. Always wanted to charter a boat, do it. How about wining and dining on your own private island? – now’s your chance!!! We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination…..

Be Second Honeymooners

If you are married, you could try making the holiday into a second honeymoon. In particular, you may find the holiday finds a lot more fun if you take the idea as literally as possible. To do this, agree that while the holiday lasts, you will pretend it is a "real" honeymoon even to each other. If somebody asks you whether you are on honeymoon, say "yes." If you are debating whether to buy something, "we're on honeymoon" is a valid excuse for treating yourself.

Get Off the Beaten Track

Many popular tourist destinations will be teeming with throngs of visitors. It's true you may want to see the same sites as they do, but it can be a good idea to take some time to travel to quieter places. This will give you a chance to spend some relaxing quality time together. Going to quieter districts or smaller nearby villages is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Walk don’t Run

Just as getting off the beaten track can help you spend quality time together, so can setting aside some time to just wander aimlessly and explore the area.  Take time to just slow things down, a busy schedule makes for stress, just relax and enjoy your surroundings and, most importantly, your company.

Have a Lazy Day

Holidays aren't all about exciting destinations and fantastic sites. They are also about relaxing, getting away from it all, and being pampered in a wonderful hotel room with excellent service. Unless you are on a short holiday, it may be worth setting aside a day to just be lazy. Stay in your room or go out only a little (unless it's for some pampering such as a spa treatment). Sleep in as long as you want, get food sent up to your room, and spend the day just unwinding together and enjoying one another's company in the quiet of your room.