• Tyax Wilderness Resort: A Heli-skiers Dream?
  • Tyax Wilderness Resort: A Heli-skiers Dream?
  • Tyax Wilderness Resort: A Heli-skiers Dream?
  • Tyax Wilderness Resort: A Heli-skiers Dream?

Tyax Wilderness Resort: A Heli-skiers Dream?


In recent years heli-skiing has, appropriately enough, taken off. If you don't know what heli-skiing is, it's a way to ski off-track using a helicopter to bypass the lack of lifts. Most people who have tried heli-skiing agree that it's every bit as exciting as it sounds.

As a result, heli-skiing has experienced immense growth in popularity. Apart from the excitement of the helicopter ride – something airborne sightseers pay for on its own, most heli-skiers agree that the skiing experience is simply better. Because you are skiing off-track in locations that aren't usually so easy to access, you normally find yourself skiing on untracked snow every time. When you want to get back up to the top, there are no queues and the helicopter is much more comfortable than a ski lift. It is also a lot faster, generally taking about two minutes to get you back to the top.

In the midst of this well-deserved craze for heli-skiing, many people are discovering a luxury heli-skiing destination in Canada called Tyax Wilderness Resort. Many of its guests come away claiming they have had one of the best heli-skiing experiences around, and this is making more and more people sit up and take notice of the rave reviews.

Tyax Wilderness Resort and Spa really does seem to offer just about everything an avid heli-skier might hope for. In pure skiing terms, there are 375 mapped routes across just short of a million acres of mountain terrain. The area experiences annual snowfall of around 14-18 metres per year, providing plenty of powder and fresh snow each day.

Tyax delivers a compelling package for the time you don't spend on the slopes as well. It has the endearing style of a traditional ski lodge, but it was renovated in 2010 and brought completely up to date in terms of the amenities on offer. Since the renovation, Tyax holds a five star rating and provides guests with top-level service. It also offers fantastic accommodation and, perhaps most temptingly of all, high-class dining. This means that heli-skiers can expect delicious and well-crafted meals to fuel their exploits on the slopes.

Tyax isn’t a one-trick resort either. While the chances for heli-skiing are certainly the stand-out attraction, winter sport lovers who want to add a bit of variety can benefit from snow-shoeing and ice fishing among other activities. They also offer a different range of experiences that are suited for the summer. These include horse riding, mountain biking, boat trips and seaplane charters.

There is also a fantastic spa on offer. While the experience of relaxing in a spa could not be further from the thrilling experience of flying down the slopes, it is a good way to unwind and recover after a day's enthusiastic sport. It will also help keep your muscles in good shape to repeat the fun the following day.

If you would like more information on this amazing resort, speak to our team who can advise on the best options, time to travel and give you a full quote for the perfect get away.