• Why Holiday in Asia?

Why Holiday in Asia?


We are often asked this question and the answers are so many and varied that by the time you have been through all the advantages Asia has over any other continent in the world, you could write a novel on the subject.

For us, the primary reason for holidaying here is simply the fact that Asia consistently delivers high quality accommodation at incredible prices. Where else can you stay for 2 weeks in a world class 5* for under £1,400 per person including flights? It is not just the quality of the accommodation that beats other destinations in value for money, but size. On average, the lead in rooms at the resorts we feature start at 50m2. That’s a good 40% larger than most 5* rooms in other continents and many lead in rooms at our hotels begin at 60-70m2 with some at 100m2.

Once you have absorbed the palatial surroundings of your room and hotel, you will find very high quality cuisine to suit all palates. The local food in the countries we feature is vibrant and invigorating, even the dishes without the almost sacred red chilli. Many of the executive chefs are European or from the Antipodes and in a few lucky cases, Japan, so you’ll find excellent Western meals on offer in all the places we advertise.

Asia has just about every habitat and environment you can imagine from beautiful beaches, big oceans, pond like seas, hills, mountains, deserts, jungles and lakes. Some of our most interesting resorts are away from the beach and if you don’t take all your time here, it is definitely worth seeing some different topography while on this side of the globe.

Aside to the different geography available, there is an immense amount of history here, not to mention the culture. For instance, when you’re in Japan or Taiwan, you really know you’re away from home and that, to us, is the essence of travelling abroad, an element which has been lost in other destinations.

A much missed side of Asia is the wildlife which is a shame as it has some world class sights. Most obvious is the Asian Elephant which you will see without having to venture into the wild as they are mostly working elephants. Whilst there employment has dwindled rapidly in recent years with machinery taking over, there has been a huge effort to conserve and save these communities of workers and their handlers. In Chiang Rai, the Anantara Golden Triangle has its own elephant sanctuary on site, a whole village supported by the hotel and outside donations. It’s a magical experience to visit these graceful creatures and their playful young and we urge anyone in this area to visit.

The grey giants aside, there are the amazing Orangutans of Borneo, some of the best diving in the world and a little known spectacle in Asia - whale watching. There are even genuine safari in options such as Khao Yai National Park in Thailand (only 2 hours from Bangkok) and Yala National Park in Sri Lanka where visitors commonly see leopard during the day - fairly astounding as our editor spent a year in Africa and never even glimpsed this most elusive big cat.

Add to this a guaranteed year round temperature of 30 degrees centigrade in all our beach resorts, service levels that far surpass anywhere else in the world and the best value for your pound on the planet, and there are a thousand reasons to travel to this rich continent.

Let us make the experience even more pleasurable with special value added deals and perks specially negotiated for our clients that could see you getting that room upgrade you crave, a free massage or two or perhaps a romantic meal on a candle lit beach.