• Why Portugal is Great for Families

Why Portugal is Great for Families


A family holiday is a chance for all members of the family to relax, have fun, and spend quality time together. However, it can be difficult to choose a destination that will appeal to adults and children. For a number of reasons, Portugal is definitely worth considering as a family holiday destination that will be sure to appeal to all ages.

The easy-to-reach destination of Portugal is noted for is its extraordinary Mediterranean coastline, along with a warm climate that pretty much guarantees some sun for the majority of the year, due to its extended season and location. There are also some beautiful beaches which are accessible throughout the year which are ideal for the entire family. Adults get the chance to relax on a bed of soft sand or in the caress of the warm, gentle sapphire waters. Children, on the other hand, get the full seaside experience with paddling, sand to play in, and the chance to explore.

The Portuguese coastline also offers incredible views which are the ideal backdrop for your stay in the country. A range of resorts such as Martinhal or Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs Residence take advantage of the attraction, with wonderful locations overlooking the coast and providing easy access to the sandy beaches.

Many resorts in Portugal are aware of the fact that the country is a great, popular destination for families. As a result, they make an effort to appeal to all ages by offering a range of dedicated facilities for children. By doing so, they are effectively making Portugal into an even better family holiday destination, by making it easy to choose a resort that will cater extremely well to younger family members.

For example, many resorts in Portugal offer a kids club to provide children with entertainment and activities. Sheraton Algarve and Pine Cliffs Residence provides Porto Pirata, a kids club with a pirate theme for children as young as six months and up to eight years. In the summer months, they expand the kids club to cater to children up to 12 years. Martinhal also offers a kids club, catering for children from six months to nine years old.

Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa also offers a kids club, which is free and ideal for keeping younger members of the family entertained while adults are enjoying a spa treatment or relaxing peacefully on the beach. There is also the Zoo Marine Park, as well as a Watersplash park not far from the resort for fun-loving children who enjoy being in the water.

A range of activities that appeal to both children and adults are also widely available from these luxury resorts in Portugal. For instance, sports such as tennis and golf, often including junior golf, are common. Most resorts also offer a number of pools to help guests of all ages cool off in hot weather. Portugal gives you the perfect setting to choose the holiday you want; whether it's a relaxing or lively holiday, Portugal covers both. If you prefer the more livelier holiday, Portugal offers many excursions and boat trips, as well as opportunities to explore the Albufeira's Old Town or the more livelier part of town.