• Why take an Autumn or Winter Break in Thailand?

Why take an Autumn or Winter Break in Thailand?


When we imagine autumn and winter, the images that come to mind are often romantic ones. Autumn is full of many-coloured leaves that fall like confetti, and winter is even better. It is dominated by beautiful, glistening snow (with transport disruption conveniently ignored) and the perpetual anticipation of Christmas.

Sadly, the facts tend to work out very differently. Most of autumn and much of winter are made up of grey skies, biting cold, and perpetual drizzle. This is why so many people take a break at this time of year, relaxing in warmer climes. This year, Thailand is the ideal destination for your autumn or winter getaway for several reasons, not least because two of the country's finest luxury resorts are holding special offers.

The Wonders of Thailand

Thailand is a truly wonderful country to visit at any time of year, and a tropical climate with consistent, year-round warmth cements the country as perfect for escaping the cold weather. Inded, many parts of the scenic South of Thailand receive some of their warmest temperatures just when many Western countries are at their coldest.

Aside from just a warmer climate, Thailand has a lot to offer visitors. Around the coast, Thailand offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Inland, the scenery is no less beautiful with plenty of lush rainforest, mountainous highlands and rural countryside. Thailand is also home to some exciting and activity-packed cities, not least the bustling capital Bangkok.

Culture and Events

Thailand is home to a rich, vibrant culture. The country's cuisine is delicious and varied, and the people are cheerful and friendly with a strong sense of humour. Thailand is also home to a number of exciting cultural events and festivals which can provide tourists with a truly unforgettable experience.

Perhaps the cultural highlight of the winter months is the festival of Loi Krathong. Celebrated throughout Thailand, the name of this festival roughly translates as "floating a basket." On the night of a full moon, thousands of people throughout the country make "krathong" – little decorated baskets, often lit by candles – make a wish, and set their baskets afloat on rivers, ponds and canals across Thailand. This creates one of the most beautiful spectacles you are ever likely to see. This year's celebrations will be held around the 5th-7th of November.

Special Offers

Two of the finest luxury resorts in Thailand have special offers on for the coming months, and this is the perfect opportunity to take an autumn or winter holiday.

Aava Resort in Khanom is offering free nights for holidays booked by 31st December. The longer you stay, the more time you get for free, ranging from 5 nights for the price of 4, or 14 for the price of 10. This Scandinavian-owned resort offers a wonderful setting and a wealth of luxurious amenities. As long as you book in time, the offer can be used for travel in Spring as well – up to 30th June in fact.

Buri Rasa in Koh Phangan also has a winter offer. For bookings and travel between 1st September and 20th December, you can get four nights for the price of three. This cosy beach resort combines modern and traditional touches for an unforgettable luxury experience.