Luxury Holidays to Canada

Canada is one of the world's wealthiest nations and is one of the highest-rated in the world for quality of life. It combines modern, thriving cities such as Toronto with plentiful stretches of breathtaking unspoiled wilderness.

Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the globe. Its long history has seen immigration from a vast range of countries, with each newcomer bringing new cultural influences. The country has also been inhabited for millennia by Native American people, whose distinctive cultures are admired around the world.

Canada has a generally mild climate, but is known for the fact that large areas of the country experience heavy snow in the Winter. The country boasts forests, mountains, and the famous Great Lakes. These make for very different but equally beautiful landscapes.

Luxury Canada holidays are usually associated with unspoiled wilderness and breath-taking scenery, which remains one of the most appealing aspects for tourists. Many luxury hotels and resorts in the country focus upon this aspect, providing a balance between luxurious facilities and a true wilderness experience. We can arrange perfect tailor made holidays to Canada at any of a range of luxury wilderness resorts.

A fantastic example is Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Clayoquot's wonderfully remote location is accessible by private seaplane, and allows visitors to truly get in touch with the wilderness. It is a favourite for families and romantic getaways alike, and many our luxury holidays to Canada provide extreme comfort in a rugged wilderness camping environment.

If you want to take in as much of the spectacular Canadian scenery as possible, Tyax Wilderness Resort and Spa is the ideal option. A true luxury destination, Tyax is surrounded by the perfect mixture of calm, tranquil lakes and imposingly beautiful mountains. Though you are undeniably close to nature when staying at Tyax, you will also benefit from luxury chalets, world-class dining and an extensive range of fantastic spa facilities. The resort gives visitors great opportunities to partake in a range of activities. These include mountain biking and floatplane tours.

Another activity associated with luxury Canada holidays is horse riding for those who have always fancied trying their hands as cowboys. We can arrange an unforgettable holiday at Siwash Lake Ranch. Siwash benefits from a quiet, secluded location in the very heart of Cowboy country. Their horse riding program is regarded as the best in the country, and allows you to roam the 80,000 acres of surrounding range land either alone or with a riding instructor.

Whichever resort appeals to you, we can arrange perfect tailor made holidays to Canada. Get in touch with us to discuss the options at your chosen resort and start making plans for your perfect luxury Canadian holiday.

If you require any further information about any of our luxury holidays to canada, please do not hesitate to contact us. Why not combine 2 or more destinations/countries for a really memorable experience?

Luxury Holiday Resorts in Canada