• Lesser-Known Skiing Destinations Around the World

Lesser-Known Skiing Destinations Around the World


Certain ski resorts and regions are well-known to every serious skier and renowned for the quality of the skiing experience they provide. However, there are some truly wonderful destinations that are not so well-known as the standard locations such as France and Switzerland.

As well as adding some variety to your skiing holidays, getting off the beaten slopes provides you a chance to discover some excellent skiing that most people don't know about. There is nothing like being one of the few to discover a well-kept secret resort.

Chilcotin Mountains, Canada

Canada may not be as famous for skiing as the Alps, but it is famous for both snow and mountains so it is no surprise that there is some fantastic skiing in the country. The Chilcotin Mountains are one of the best places to go for the increasingly popular pursuit of heli-skiing. Heli-skiing allows skiers to seek out slopes away from established tracks, travelling to the top by helicopter. This means that almost every descent is on untracked snow, and each journey up is much faster and more comfortable.

Tyax Wilderness Resort is the go-to destination for heli-skiing in the Chilcotin mountains. This five star resort offers true luxury accommodation with excellent food and top-class service. It also offers a range of skiing experiences and other amenities, making a truly complete holiday experience for the avid heli-skier.

Niseko, Japan

Niseko, located on Japan's Northern island Hokkaido, is outperforming every other Japanese ski resort by attracting more and more visitors with every year. It has been described as Japan's St. Moritz since the 1960s, when a few early discoverers came to take advantage of the exceptional skiing on offer. It offers an experience to rival the world's top destinations, set amongst unique and magical scenery.

Luxury accommodation at Niseko is dominated by two options. The Hilton Niseko is a luxury hotel with traditional influences, which offers a truly exceptional range of services and amenities. The Green Leaf, on the other hand, rivals the Hilton in every way. Either of these hotels is a fantastic place to stay, and there is little to separate them except that where the Hilton is traditional, the Green Leaf has a very contemporary ethos.