• Why is the Caribbean such a popular holiday destination?

Why is the Caribbean such a popular holiday destination?


The Caribbean has become almost synonymous with the idea of a luxury beach holiday. Certainly it is one of the first parts of the world to spring to mind when thinking of luxury destinations. But why is the area so very popular? Put simply, it's because the hundreds of islands, cays and reefs in the Caribbean sea have an awful lot to offer luxury holidaymakers.

Stunning Beaches

beach2Of course, one of the most important attractions of the Caribbean is the abundance of beautiful beaches on offer. Thanks to the huge number of islands, providing hundreds of separate, individual coastlines, there is no shortage of sandy spots for those who like to unwind beside the sea.

Many of the islands benefit from exceptionally fine, soft sand making for particularly comfortable sunbathing sites. Add the fact that the Caribbean gets warm weather almost throughout the year and the waters are clean and clear, and you are well on the way to a winning luxury holiday destination.

Beautiful Scenery

However, there is a lot more to Caribbean landscapes than just the beaches. While the seafront is undoubtedly the star attraction, backdrops may consist of rainforest, hills and mountains to name just a few possibilities. These various landscapes, combined with the sea, not only provide beautiful settings for luxury holidays but also open up a range of activities. Diving among coral reefs, hiking up green hills or imposing mountains, and a huge range of water sports are some of the most popular ways for tourists to pass their time on a Caribbean island when they aren't relaxing on the beach.

Varied Cultural Influences

Welcome-Statue.jpgThe Caribbean has a history of colonisation, and while this is no good thing in itself it has left the modern islands with a range of fascinating cultural influences. Each island has a separate and individual culture, but as well as the original Carib population there are ethnic and cultural elements from across Europe, Africa and Asia. This fascinating cultural backdrop is another factor attracting tourists to the region, not least because it leaves its mark on the region's food by creating a fascinating and unique culinary tradition.

A wide range of luxury resorts

Many luxury resorts have set up in the region to take advantage of this huge selection of attributes, and such a wonderful choice of destinations has become an attraction in itself for luxury tourists. These resorts offer wonderful amenities such as spa treatments, fine dining, sports and leisure facilities and activity options such as water sports or tours.

Many resorts also choose to take advantage of the huge number of small islands and cays set in the Caribbean sea, occupying an entire private island. This opens up fresh new advantages for luxury tourists. It affords peace, quiet and seclusion ideal for honeymooners or those who just like the best possible environment for relaxation. It also secures plenty of private beaches for the exclusive use of a relatively small number of tourists, making it easy to find a pleasant spot that has not been taken. Both Musha Cay and Little Whale Cay are exceptional examples of this, providing a quiet private island getaway with a host of wonderful facilities on hand.